Artworks Poster art

Posters are cool, no doubts about it. I love'em, I buy them and my house is full of them.

These are some of the posters I've been commisioned.

Fatso Jetson poster Black Rainbows poster UPLOAD ON TOUR 2013 The Princess of snakes John Lennon tribute poster The Byron Saga Bufera Blues Quartet poster I TAWT I TAW A PUDDY RAT! Johnny Cash tribute poster Died Waiting The Big Crow Happy like a skull MUSICA E ROSE Tanguitars' Day ONE BEAT EXTREME 2012 UV DAY 2012 MUCHACHITO BOMBO INFIERNO ITALIAN POSTER ROCK ART EXPO' 2012 Slowtorch + Thunderkids Tour poster THE BYRON SAGA + BACK AGAIN + HIGH VOLTAGE OVERDRIVE Francesco Lucarelli + Moscaburro Planet Funk Damo Suzuki's Network Premonition 13 + Slowtorch Karma to Burn (stoner USA) + Slowtorch (stoner ITA) Poster Ahleuchatistas + Satelliti Ojm + Slowtorch + Fango Poster Linea77 Poster DISPO - Dispositivo per il Lancio Obliquo di una Sferetta Vibe! One Beat Day n Night Poster Vessels Slowtorch Slowtorch general Dogs For Breakfast Knut Massimo Pupillo + Carla Bozulich Half Seas Over Magic Arm Schnaak + Lagomasino/Fishkin Heraclite The note Sapori d'Irlanda Tecladia Jingles Ghost to Falco Hugo Race and the Fatalists Mark Templeton Niobe + Appaloosa CrimeaX Così fan tuffi